The Adventures of Ole Bull - Episode 1

Ole Bull is an episode based 3D-adventure. The first episode contains four stories from Ole Bulls exiting life.

Join the adventurer Ole Bull, the national romantist and advocate for Norwegian independence and the "magic" folk music - the composer and archbishop on his quest for celebrity, violins, money, inspiration ... the pursuit of the famous violins, the construction of the Oleana colony in the United States So to climb to the top and play on the Keopspyramid and Snøhetta, explore Norwegian nature, meet famous writers and composers such as Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Grieg, Paganini, Royalties and many more around the world.

Key features
Take part in the life of Norway's first world star and super celebrity - Ole Bull
Experience Norwegian nature, history and national romance close up
Recognize the turbulent life of Ole where there "always" happened something
Learn about Norwegian cultural history in an interactive and exciting way
Travel to Paris, Egypt, Bergen and Valestrandsfossen in four different stories
Explore and find important items in Ole Bulls life
Be a part of the amazing stories of Ole Bull

Short development story - Episode 1
Idea in February 2014 and started research about Ole Bull
Prototyping in 2014 and 2015
Manuscript and storyline in 2015 and 2016
Level design from 2016 until finish in 2019
Post production, audio and music 2019

Three episodes
Episode 1: Get introduced and play as a young, middle age and old Ole Bull
Episode 2: When Ole travels to USA and tries to build the colony Olana, but fails
Episode 3: Building his summer house at Lysøen island and family house in Valestrandsfossen

Calluna - The Adventures of Ole Bull - Episode 1 will be available for PC when it's ready.


Bergen anno 1815

The Fish Market

Torvallmenningen, the main square in Bergen

Character gallery in Episode 1

View from Torvallmenningen to The Fish Market

Bryggen in Bergen - The Harbour