Luminous Flux - both interactive anti-game/art game and sound- and light installation. A demo will be released very soon.


A.R.T is an interactive art game that let´s you travel back to the beginning of modernism in the 1860s.


Blink is inspired by classic arcade games and shooters (shmups) from the 80- and 90s...


Respirator, Respirator is an interactive installation that focuses on current issues. The installation consists of the works Save The World, Stop Far-Right and The Barrier.


Surrealist is an indie-game company based in Oslo, Norway

Who are we?

Game developer, screenwriter, and creative leader, Christian Bøen
Producer and screenwriter, Inger Hilde Zahl
Beta- and test player, Ludwig Bøen Zahl

Surrealist was founded in 2015. The name is inspired by the Surrealists and Dadaists who in the 1920s used games as a tool in their artistic exploration.

Surrealist specializes in

- game design and development
- art games and walking simulators
- sound- and light installations
- sound design
- 3D-animation